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This was a really fun prototype to play, and I can't wait for the main release.

Gameplay was really smooth with the only 'issue' being that it's hard to gently let anything go so I propel my poor humans at lightspeed. Hopefully they're wearing helmets.

The art is absolutely fantastic, looking gorgeous and is exactly what a pixel game can be.

This is such an improvement upon Cozy. Graphically it's gorgeous, the amount of detail and work put into this really draws you into the world. The horror factor is about equivalent to cozy, once again succeeding in making the player feel nervous about what might happen than about what is happening.

I never played this when it came out, and only watched Markiplier play it recently after I experienced it myself.

Honestly made me nearly need a change of pants, good lord.

It's cool to get a video game inspired by LOCAL58, there's a lot of great content there to explore. 

The feel and graphics of the game matched that of the video it's inspired by quite nicely. It was a short and cool little horror game that was fun to play.

Really enjoyed this, the graphics made me nostalgic for several older pixel games. Both the graphics and sound design are wonderful, and the story lends itself to the games length.

This was incredibly well made, I'm actually flawed by how good it was considering it was a submission for a Two-Minute game jam. The nun absolutely terrified me to death with her way of 'movement' and the ending, whilst I saw something of the sort coming, did actually surprise me.

I'm going to have to keep my eye on your work in the future!

Your game is at the 12:44 mark.

Hearing the footsteps chasing you in the dark is absolutely terrifying, it scared me more than I was expecting for such a short game so well done!

If you want to watch me playing it your game is at the 3 minute mark.

This game was quite a bit of fun for something so short, and one of the few two minute horror games that actually seemed to stick with the format of being two minutes haha

I wasn't actually expecting the game to go the way it did, on re-watching my footage I noticed those little extra clues and details that alluded to how things were gonna go, which was a nice touch. 

It was short and sweet, well done.

The game is the first one played in the video :)

I felt that the first game was a good narrative experience and the second continues to build upon the work from the first one, succeeding in continuing to construct this story that draws the player in.

I will say however that I do wish for more from this form of narrative, it changes tack when we play as the FBI Agent and I wanted to have a few more interactive elements when not viewing the world from the perspective of a tape. That's only a small criticism however, and overall this one is a vast improvement from the first.

The atmosphere in this game and it's sequel really shine through, they draw you into the world that the game is building and allow the player to immerse themselves in it's short tale.

As an experiment in story telling both this and the sequel are in my eyes, resounding successes.

I really enjoyed this, it was such a pleasant experience and I'm definitely going to have to come back for more in the future.

If there are any more characters as cute as Kyo I'm going to die

I really enjoyed this, despite it's short length and I'm really looking forward to how you continue this project. The usage of light was quite creative and the helmet limiting the field of view added to a sense of claustrophobia which was really cool.

 If the next part has a menu and the option to adjust mouse sensitivity that would make me happy haha!

And like everyone has said, we want to axe more creatures and kick them when they're down!

If you expand the more information on this page it says that the game, which at present is just a prototype, was made by HotBrewGames. Quick google search reveals that it's been in development since around March.

They haven't been active on any of their socials for a few months, I'm guessing due to COVID. This prototype has been uploaded for less than a day though so I'm guessing they're making a return.

I have absolutely no affiliation with them or the game and only stumbled across this prototype in the new releases so I figured I'd play it, somehow I've found myself helping everyone else play it too...

No worries man, glad you found it! The wiring is a bit tricky, I fumbled my way through it; I don't think you need to restart each time, just grab where the cables begin and try again.

I really enjoyed this, the environment is fitting and graphically quite high quality from an indie game, especially a student project, so well done!

The game had some scary moments, but the feeling of apprehension is what makes it. I felt on edge and the game utilized that feeling well with the environment and sound design.

There are however some points for improvement that I make in the video but I'll rehash them here:

- Possible bug with the key, some players have reported not finding it, I didn't have that issue though at one point when redoing it I would grab it, but it would appear to still be in it's location, I only knew I had it when I went to the elevator.

- The highlights for some items are quite small, the focus area around them makes it easier for players to miss them. Maybe make it so when the player is looking in the general vicinity it's highlighted instead of only when looking directly at it. This was especially frustrating when doing the wiring.

- You can avoid the main scare by just getting the key and going straight to the elevator, bypassing the keycard and lighting room altogether. My suggestion is make the elevator not work without reconnecting that power supply so players don't miss the scare.

- The time allotted to input the code could be lengthened, failing that maybe make it clearer when the timer starts. Another option is changing how to input the code, removing the arrow keys to switch between numbers and making the player input it all at once as that seems more intuitive. 

- A checkpoint right before the code to avoid going through the entire game up to that point again if you fail. It was quite frustrating to do, especially twice. 

Overall though I thought this was incredibly well made, and the bugs and issues I listed are understandable as it is only a prototype. I'm really looking forward to a full release in the future.

Well done and best of luck with development!

I'm not one of the developers, but I played the game myself and I found it; it is a new release though so it's possible it's just a bit glitchy atm.

After leaving the bunker there are two closed rooms and one open on the right before the turning in the corridor. Check inside that open room :)

This was such a massive improvement upon the last one, I really had a blast playing this and was sad when it ended. I'm looking forward to more games from you in the future.

I could see where Cry Of Fear had influenced this and it made me nostalgic for my video game past. Amazing game, well done!


I found this more funny than scary, but I reckon that's the point for this one, episode two is far scarier and a massive improvement upon this, but this was a great starting point.

I did really enjoy playing it, it was short and sweet and fun, it even made me jump, just a little.

Fun little horror game, gave me a good scare.

I actually found this on Steam but loved the game so much I had to leave another comment about it here. The atmosphere was fantastic, everything from the art design to the music really drew me into this short story. Awesome work, keep it up!

I really love this game and I'm surprised no one has covered it yet. It really appeals to my sense of humor writing wise, the graphics match the tone perfectly, and the story is short and sweet.

Had a blast playing, can't wait to see more works like this in the future.

Really enjoyed this demo, I'm looking forward to the full release

Had a lot of fun with this, though I confess that first key drove me insane.

Really enjoyed this, was not what I was expecting. The dialogue really got me thinking too

Thanks, I really appreciate that!

Ah, that would make sense. Yeah, I doubt I would have had a slight feeling of apprehensive as I reached the outside if there was a 'boss-battle' right before. Even with the music I felt that something was going to jump me at the last second, haha.

I think we can all relate to that poor guy smashing his head against the wall, I know it's me whenever I have technical difficulties recording.

I'm really glad you liked that bit. That brief period where I didn't have sight of my character had me rushing back to make sure he was okay.

Glad you liked the video, I'll definitely by checking out "No one lives under the lighthouse," and I'll be keeping an eye out for any future projects. Keep up the great work!

I really enjoyed this, you grabbed my attention with the concept and kept it with the game-play. It was really fun to play, and I feel apprehensive throughout.

If you explore this concept further in the future I'd love to see things such as the drone attracting attention via noise, maybe the prisoner tripping over objects, just to up the terror a bit. But I do realize this was a game jam game and I like it for what it is.

After checking out Perfect Vermin I just had to see some of the other collaborations by Maceo; will also have to check out Nicolás' work too. This is another great experience, I'm continually impressed.

I quite enjoyed this, there's something charming about the simplicity of it.

I'm also jealous of this bugger who's managed to get an apartment.

I had a lot fun playing this, it's really relaxing to play. Well done!

Well done on this!

I didn't have fun playing because I was too scared, which is always good for a horror game. I did enjoy the experience though so thank you.

This game really took me by surprise, I thought it was going to be a simple destruction game, and it is, but also so much more. 

I had such fun playing this, it's short and sweet, but also is re-playable due to the fun of the destructive physics in the game.

Well done, this A-Class!

I really enjoyed this, it's incredibly fun to mess around in the zero-g environment. 

Regardless of the result of the game jam, if you're able to continue to flesh out this concept I recommend you do so. I think it has so much potential, I can imagine anything from a longer game with more Zero-G puzzles, to an acrobatic score based game, even an authentic Zero-G fps.

I wish the best of luck with the game jam, and any future projects you work on.

- Joeopolis   

Delightful little game, I absolutely love it.