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A member registered May 19, 2020

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I have resent the email to requesting that my account/ email gets verified 

I have also checked my spam folder and haven't received any verification email. Ill recreate an account now 

Did you get my verification request? I haven't heard from your email yet 

Hello, I recently recieved an up date for my s10plus, this game will  not run anymore due to a script error? Is there a place I can send you a screenshot of what's going on? Thanks!

Just sent the email 

Amazing game!, since this is a new season can you make a separate app (for those that want to go back to 0.14) since the gallery is going away with a brand new gallery 0.15? 

I did and I never recieved an email for confirmation 

Hello I'm unable to log in. I never recieved an email for confirmation of the account I made. Please check and confirm my email address. 

More so the art style and the game play mechanics. :) 

Or maybe adding more  for the game here? I'm not sure if your into adding in more sex scenes  with the coconut girl ? 

Hahaha great game btw! Love the animations and interactions! Are you planning on making more games like this?

Is there a way to remove the sensor on the girls eyes?  I thought by obtaining all the sunglasses I would be able to see the girl's full face