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I removed the latest demo since the game has changed quite a bit since the last build! I am a lot happier with it now and it will be ready soon :)

I respect any dev who is working on a 3D action game like this, but the lack of polish on virtually everything is pretty hard to get by. The game controls well, I think certain movement options and attacks need to be tweaked a little further to be more user friendly. The animations could definitely use some more weight to them, and the effects of attacks could be amplified so everything feels satisfying to pull off.

The U.I and environments feel more like placeholders, more so the UI, but that makes sense given how you've probably been focusing on the gameplay and the design of the player char. Her design in particular isn't my thing but I think objectively you did a good job.

Some better sound design + music will also elevate things a lot but I'm sure you have that planned in the works. Overall it feels like you've designed a sandbox to mess around with, and thats probably the smartest thing to do with a game like this. Tighten everything up and focus on making the basics smooth and enjoyable, the rest will follow for sure. Excited to see more!

Took a bit to learn how the game works without a tutorial, I appreciate the lack of hand holding but others might be too confused to get into it. This demo is extremely polished, the visuals are great, and I am still having fun with whats here after learning the systems. Theres a lot you could do with this project so please continue devving it!

insane in a really good way, the gameplay was nice as well. I think this project has big potential so I hope to see more!

Very short, but it didn't stop me from enjoying the visuals. 

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with more visual polish and slightly more depth I think you would have a fun puzzle game, for what this is though its pretty fun. My only major gripe was the music choice

Don't have much to say since most people hit the nail on the head with this one. I will say, being able to hold down the undo/redo key for a faster undo/redo is a must IMO. I had to click the input multiple times, not sure if thats a bug on my end or just the way its currently implemented. With audio and some more effects this would for sure be an addicting little puzzle game!

Extremely overwhelming at first, but once you get accustomed to the game its actually quite fun. I think some more accessibility would help new players, but ultimately the investment is worth it since its not a terribly complex game, just takes some time to adjust. Would recommend

I had a very similar experience to what SoboDev commented here, so long as the level curve is balanced around playing through at a fast pace then its fine for me. However a more non-linear design would probably enhance whats already provided here. Either way very cool demo!

puzzle gameplay is 10/10, style and graphics are 10/10
take your time to find a good musician for this one who can design a rich soundtrack, its worth it for a project this good

Thank you very much for the feedback! I appreciate the comment, and the next demo will for sure include some tweaks to further improve the experience :)

ZOE community · Posted in Feedback

ZOE's demo is fantastic, the cute art style and fantastic animations, paired with the brutal shmup gameplay makes for a hilarious and fun experience! The music is also very well done, and suits perfectly, looking forward to more from this project!