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sure thing! tagged it.  the 2.0 release looks great, I cant wait to find an excuse to use it for something...

Thanks! The bike physics are pretty slippy due in part to wanting a "kinetic hoverbike" kind of feel, and in part to my terrible physics code. I based the physics on an old gdmag article from before vectors were invented. I agree that more feedback would be great and I wanted to do a lot of those things, I just didn't have time, even pushing a few weeks out past the CGAJAM deadline. It's certainly not a super-polished game. The code is all out there, so if you want to add some features or tweak stuff, feel free, I'm happy to accept pull requests. 

Try not hitting the walls so much. ;)

The game is almost done! Will be released later this week, and I will include a windows build.

Thanks random consumer who is totally not a shill.