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Ask and ye shall receive

Nice game! Level 9 has a short solution, I'm guessing it's not intended?

Sounds good!

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I have added the game to my snake article. Let me know if you'd like to add some of your own words about the inspiration, design process, or reflections on the game.

Really fun game!
A couple of people on the thinky-puzzle-games discord noticed that the win condition on the last level allows for a broken solution.

Nicely encapsulates the frustration of trying to maneuver bicycles in small spaces in real life. I look forward to trying out some of what I learned from the game

Interesting! It was a bit harder to deduce the solutions in this one than in your sokoban games, but still fun

Nice game! Humorous mechanics. The puzzles maybe started a bit slow, but I enjoyed the later ones a lot.

Great, thanks!
My contact info is on my website, but what you wrote is perfect.

Do you mind DM/emailing me to give me some of your own words on the game for the article? Or you can post here too I suppose. I'm interested in the inspiration for the game, reflections on how it turned out, etc.

Very nice game!  I'd like to write something about the game in my snake article, would you mind contacting me? (clicking my name and following some links should get you there)

Great to see more puzzle games Rosden!

Interesting mechanics and fun levels. Nice job!

Fun puzzles!

Good game! Feels a bit strange at first but the puzzles are quite interesting.

Fun game, nice puzzles with logical solutions.

A very nice, difficult puzzle game!  Mechanics feel intuitive despite some oddities. Many great levels in here.

Very nice game! Difficult, and some of the puzzles take a bit of trial-and-error in addition to conceptual understanding, but overall really good.

Interesting game idea. The yellow mechanic doesn't work so well for me, it flickers for a minute before fully opening the door

A great game probably inspired by Jelly no Puzzle.  Difficult and interesting puzzles, and feels quite different from any other puzzle game.

For me it was level 7 that took forever. 6 was nice too

thefogofdeath are you in the thinky-puzzle-games discord? we often talk about Rosden's games every day there (not that posting on itch is bad at all).