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Loved your old games, sponser for life well done!

I agree, lets just give space and be greatful

Actually there is, it's not the greatest way but some of the "supporters" pirate the new releases and post them online (Search innocent witches version whatever).  I know v5.0A was released somewhere on the internet.

I'm only saying this if you want to access older versions, NOT TO PIRATE THE NEW ONES (Show your support by donating)

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I agree, you're sounding hella creepy, if you want to show your support, join us in donating thats all, if you want private art or something there's plenty of artists out there for that.

EDIT - Dontlose account was made the day of these comments, that's a red flag, probably some cretin AVOID THEM

Really great game, got my support!

That sounds good!

Not sure if i like the new plot, feels like a few steps back and in the wrong direction, the old plot Act 2 chapter 2 was amazing wish that was continued - just my opinion

Stolen the Sim's music? EA wont be happy

Anyone got the V2.6 update for Windows

Next update?


0.5f isent out yet?

card is at the ready

cant wait!

from a busniess point of view you have a  serious income for your team,  you could really make some good stuff (love this game btw)

you're patreon is making $12,000 dollers a month (that's insane by the way well done) do you have any other games in development?

i found more but not really what i was asking for...

will the latest version be released for free?

Any updates?


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is there a chance you could put the version number on the title page, i know it small but it would help (i keep downloading version 1.3)

I can't access the new 2.1 content 

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i was unable to message ma sha on my phone , has the new patch (2.1) not been made public yet? (10/09/19)

I am also stuck on this