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Those last levels definitely felt like going insane.  Good job!

"crazyduckman - shocked duck.wav" Seems to be a specialist you got there.

Adorable and clever but too twitchy for my old man reflexes.

Wow, this is hard for my simple brain but it really shows just how much you can do with PuzzleScript.

I take a perverse entertainment in the death animations.  Very well done.

Oh yes, I even see it now!  Thanks.  (I believe it's the one after "We've been hearing a few complaints).

The funny thing is I even redid the level to eliminate a similar issue but somehow I moved the block so that problem still existed.  I'm not great at designing these levels so lets hope this upload fixes it.

I love it.  I was looking for more Bernband type stuff and you didn't disappoint.

He gave me a C when he told me to draw the ugliest thing at Art Sqool and I gave him this, but I think it's because he's bitter and knows the truth:

Ah.  Ages ago I owed you a screenshot for some errors I was seeing.  I am getting back to you months (a year?) later with them as they exist in the current build.  I still LOVE THIS and am fully eager to give you another three bucks when it hits steam.  And I look forward to more interactive diorama fun.

Rift S.  If I can get a screengrab later, I will do so.

This is ADORABLE.  I loved it.  Your controller models were kind of messed up (buttons off-center and clipping into the model) but it didn't affect the game at all and I loved it.

Ah, thanks for this.  I guess the VR stuff is enabled by default for a lot of stuff as you are the second dev I've seen who had this issue.  Appreciate the fix!

Oh man, that ledge hang is a must!  I have to say, this game reminded me (through no fault of your own, I know it's tricky to make a complex game) how often I wish the nimble characters in these games could climb up some uneven rubble.

Looks like good stuff.

Those spiders just do not care.  I looked up in that one dungeon room and NOPE.  NOPE to big spider.

Great game.  Can't wait to see what you do next.

Yes. that fixed it!  One more thing (you're probably getting sick of these): whenever I die, my inverted Y axis gets disabled until I go into options and turn it off and back on again.  But I appreciate you having it in there!  Many small indie games don't allow you to invert they Y axis and I understand the reasons but boy does it drive me nuts.

Love the visuals, by the way.

So weird thing: this game automatically opens my Oculus Rift app, and if I close the Oculus App, it closes as if it were a VR game.  Maybe some flag you set in UE?

At least you are up front about the negatives in the game.

Some items: I'm seeing serious tearing. Not sure why, but regardless, maybe an option to turn on vsync would be nice.

Also, some of us (me, anyways), really like to invert our Y-axis on the look controls. (mouselook would be nice, too).

Otherwise it's very cool visually and atmospherically.