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Yes. that fixed it!  One more thing (you're probably getting sick of these): whenever I die, my inverted Y axis gets disabled until I go into options and turn it off and back on again.  But I appreciate you having it in there!  Many small indie games don't allow you to invert they Y axis and I understand the reasons but boy does it drive me nuts.

Love the visuals, by the way.

So weird thing: this game automatically opens my Oculus Rift app, and if I close the Oculus App, it closes as if it were a VR game.  Maybe some flag you set in UE?

At least you are up front about the negatives in the game.

Some items: I'm seeing serious tearing. Not sure why, but regardless, maybe an option to turn on vsync would be nice.

Also, some of us (me, anyways), really like to invert our Y-axis on the look controls. (mouselook would be nice, too).

Otherwise it's very cool visually and atmospherically.