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Fair enough, do you have a better replacement statement, might I ask?

Yes, but it’s not a Nintendo exclusive, Mario Maker is.

This is something truly formidable, I've been playing the demo and it's fantastic! The PC's answer to Super Mario Maker without a doubt!

Thank you!

Ah! Thank you very much!

Ah! Gotcha! I’d already transported custom fonts from the example decks, I just wanted a few more to use - I’ll take a closer look at your script and do some experimentation in converting fonts and see what mileage I can get.


I’d almost certainly be up for a Decker jam at some point in the future!

Hey everyone,

Been trying to figure out how to import custom fonts into Decker from a .ttf or similar, I’ve looked through the documentation and, although font interfaces are mentioned, it’s still not clear to me how to import custom fonts, if at all.

Anybody know how to help me out?


Just thought I'd drop in and say thank you for creating Decker! I've been looking for a modern, open-source version of Hypercard for a while now and stumbled upon this, it's absolutely perfect for what I've been wanting to do, been using it for a day now and I can't put it down. Thanks so much for creating it!

-- Joe


Hey there, loving the game! I was just wondering how you managed to change the menu text from the standard included in the Hypercard Framework at the start, I can't figure it out?

Hello, just in case you're still working on this project:

Would you ever consider an open source release? Mainly for porting to other platforms and seeing how the whole machine works under the hood.


Joe Harley

This game deserves to be the next Wordle. It's brilliant.

Cool! Yeah I know Quest, it’s a nice little engine!


Hey there! What tools did you use to develop the game? Thanks!

This is brilliant, thanks for releasing this Mark.