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Really good game. I've played all the levels until level 6, I couldn't beat level 6 so I quit... very tough shopping for milk... ok, it's a good game though I really liked it a lot! Lol.

It's fine don't worry about it, you don't need to play it if you don't want to. My own computer tells me it's a virus and I'm the one who made the game. Lmao. It literally only does it because .exe files like that are usually sketchy and I'm not a verified publisher and a few other reasons. But it's fine. Lol.

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I responded to you so now it's your turn. These files stop getting flagged once they get enough downloads but this one is still new. Now you respond to me lol.

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It's not malware. All of my games get autoblocked because they are made without a publisher. I deleted it from your jam anyways though since you are being paranoid. Windows does that for all new files without a lot of downloads.

You don't need to download the game if you don't want. But it is not a virus. It's only saying that because it's a game from an unknown publisher. Usually most antivirus software is going to flag any file that comes from an unknown source without verification. But this game has over 5,000 downloads total and I don't have 5,000 people complaining about viruses, so it must be a safe file. Just look up how many guys played this game on YouTube already. They are all fine lol.

That's only because it's not an established publisher. It's just an indie game. Most games on will be flagged like that lol.

Hi, hey I played this game and also made a video on it. I like watching let's plays of my itch games so that's why I made one of yours. I'll put a link in the description too. If you don't want the video on YouTube just let me know and I'll take it down though. Anyways it was a good game I like the artstyle and the graphics of course. Very cool dithering art. My favourite-part of the game was the clouds design, really aesthetic. On the second-run the game didn't notice I fell off the road and it let me fall back to the ground and IDK if that was intentional lol.

Incredible game I love the theme and aesthetic and the scenery.

Lmao yeah sorry about that glitch idk why it keeps happening lol.

The problem probably isn't anything you did it's probably just on my end of course. I'll try the download version later lol.

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Is it supposed to be a pink screen with a bunch of glitchy noises? Looks cool though. Lol.

Try downloading it again, I think I fixed it.