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Joe Wassell

A member registered Jul 05, 2017

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I use AVG and it doesn't seem to have a white-list option so that kinda sucks.

Last time i played this was "215 days ago" and im glad the game is still going!

I did experience one bug which wouldn't allow me to save my ships saying the path it takes to save it was denied.

If they are added this could easily become mainstream

Keep up the great work im definitely excited!

Also ide love a way to match speeds so if i have multiple ships they travel as the speed of the slowest ship.

Yes but i still think it makes sense to shorten the time. Also have you got any plans to add more stuff as im loving the game and would love more content. 

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Also can you make the FTL drive power up much faster if the zone/planet your in is empty? feels unnecessary waiting.

Absolutely loving the game, its exactly what i was looking for, i play a FTL and i love it but i've always wanted to tear through a ship and this game allows it. 9/10 just need more things to play with!