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Hi! I love your work! Where are you based and do you take commissions? Are you on Discord?

Love this game! Took me a little while to get the hang of it but really enjoyable once I got there. Love the art style and concept of it too. Nice one!

Haha! Love the concept of the game, it's a fun idea. Clever take on the theme of sky too. Nice one :D

Really loved this game. It looks great and felt like a really nice world to explore! Ace :D

Loved it! Really great aesthetic. The floor of elder sun's house is wicked. Nice little easter egg with the donut too! Really great work

love it! Great music too. I like the key change :D

Hi Decca, thanks for your offer. I'd love to join your team if that's okay. My discord is Joe-Hill-Composer#6125

I'm new to this whole world so will you add me into your group on Discord? :)

Hello! I'm a composer who is taking their first plunge into writing for video games. I am a very versatile composer who is experienced in delivering high quality, original music in a short space of time from composing for theatre, live performance, interactive art and short film. I'm new to the video game world though so would love to connect with a team who are happy to work with someone who is fresh to this scene. I'd love to work with others who are passionate about creating something that is fun and colourful. Ideally, I'd love to use bitsy, as this is something that has been recomeneded to me as a good platform to start out composing for. You can find my website here, and check out my latest musical project here. Looking forward to joining the game jam with you all! Joe :)