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Hi STEVIED! First of all, thank you so much for  supporting us! Yeah we studied a lot to obtain this mood and to convey this ambience, we're really happy to have achieved our goal.

Hallo Gleisther! We really enjoyed your gameplay! Thanks for the support!

Hi ObscureTrain! I'm Giovanni from the team...well what to say? Really thanks for you gameplay! These are the compliments that repay our work!

Thank you RobBoberty! I'm Giovanni, from the team of Ike, and  we're still working on some issues and new ideas for the game, but it will still take time to develop them. 

Hi Levont! I'm Giovanni from the team! Thank you so much for your feedback! Surely there are some problems that we noticed and we will fix them.   

Hi GrayDeathSociety! I'm Giovanni, one of the creators of Ike - A low poly nightmare.  Thank you so much for the support! This was our first project, but we are happy to have received a lot of feedback on our game. Thanks for playing!