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The download isn't working for mehh

This game was hilarious and I was able to incorporate some dank memes into it as well. Very well made. It is actually endless!


I noticed when I looked it up and the guy will be back in march of 2017 to finish the game if I'm correct

I made a gif for you if you want to put that as the main picture (it is usually more appealing to the eye)

If you want it shoot me your email and ill sent it to ya

No problem!

I will probably do another playthrough of it then! In the video I talked about the candle not being able to go out, etc. I just assumed it was a glitch. Even with her not being able to get me it was still scary as hell. It would be cool to incorporate a progression to beat it, like find the clues and get out of the cabin, then escape the forrest to get back with your camp or something like that while she's after you the entire time.

Also digged the art on the wall!

Finished it! Although I was scared, I believe the game encountered a glitch to where my candle couldn't go out and Lady Ice couldn't get me. Nonetheless I shit myself

I just played the game. I'm curious as to why I could never get hurt from her!

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This game is pretty awesome thus far. Is sara actualy a real person? The conversations also felt SOOO real!

You should make another game with different levels, where you screw up dinners and stuff. Now that you have the people liking this game, it would be a cool experience!

I really enjoyed this game! Thanks for making it. I would love to see some new levels and what not!

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I played the game and it gave me a couple laughs. Thanks for making it!

I was addicted to the art and storyline for this game! The art kind of reminded me of Space Funeral to be honest. There was a lot of great dialogue, and I really enjoyed the unique twist and such for the ending I received. I really hope i can figure out the other two endings and some easter eggs to do another LP, so I'll for sure check out the development video. Thank you for making such an interesting game. Worth the donation.

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Here is my part 1 voiceover of this game!