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52minutes 2268 clicks took me a while to find the table XD

It's Ok, it made me feel powerful 馃槄

I managed to max most things to level 200 but when I tried to max the last upgrade the game crashed when it hit level 33 and before that at level 23 it gave me negative bones. But good game overall

8/10 :D

That last level was brutal but it felt so good wining amazing game!

I... I need help XD   the game was running probably at 1 or 2 fps at the end and I coud problably keep playing forever but it was too much. 

10/10 game

El potencial de speedrun de este juego es infinito, muy entretenido :D

Im not crying you are.. T-T

1.4 the Programm is Lagging a lot and my Pc fans start running like crazy, also despite trying everything the programm didn't recognize my mic :c

Thanks for the tip! i'm going to play this game with my friends this week :D 

Does this game have local co-op?

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Nunca hab铆a jugado algo tan majestuoso, de verdad impresionado con el juego, muy entrerte :D  Hay unos cuentos bugs pero fuera de eso un trabajo incre铆ble 10/10 RECOMENDACI脫N Agregar bot贸n de reinicio

It was scawwwyyy ywueuaieuyaiwuyr iopashdklfbaeipwufghakls帽db 帽k  mi a piaciuto molto il gioco :D


i just died at the same time the boss was on a transition. ;( sorry

i... broke the game :c sorry


i completed everyone but the 11 ;-; help 

love it

what happened to the steam version?

ufff last level, im kind of stuck right here you know but the game is good.

nice work mate