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This is so good!

This is so good! I love it so far and I'm excited for what's to come!

Really enjoying this so far!

Amazing surprise!

So exciting!


I very much enjoy this story! The premise is wonderful and I thoroughly enjoy the main character. The other characters are interesting and unique and there is still so much to come. Looking forward to it!

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Just finished the latest update. I'm so intrigued by where the story is heading and I cannot wait to experience more of the colors of the world and the characters!

Also: The map of the world is amazingly detailed and gives so much life and depth to the narrative.

Just started this game the other day. I'm intrigued to continue to see the world develop and I love the art of the scenes and characters!

Tyson is a wild ride and he's an interesting character. Thoroughly enjoyed his route up to this point!

Finished Spencer's route the other day and I thoroughly enjoyed it! He's so intense and sometimes a bit headstrong, but I love this man to death.

I love this and I love Rune! He's so adorable and the scenes after the events of day 2 were fantastic!

Leigh is so sweet! I'd protect him with my life

So excited!

Just finished it for the first time and played through Diego's route. I loved it so much and I have to admit I was surprised by all of the events that happened in the last few days of the route. Fantastic story and as a side note- Jay is an absolute angel and should be protected at all costs!

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Might be spoilers IDK

Is there a way for the most precious boy Shoichi to win his volleyball tournament? I thought he was going to since I got Haruki to chill and actually be nicer and more cooperative, but they still lost in the championship game. Is there any way for him to win it or not?

I'm really enjoying this and I can't wait for the next update. Anything that has Eurovision and hunky hyenas get an A+ from me!

I absolutely loved this short story and the emotion that was packed in it was amazing! Also the t-shirts gave the perfect "dad" vibe to them both. 

I love this game so far! Can't wait for more to come!

Very cute stories! I enjoyed this and Rüdiger was so adorable! And the part about the 60 sugar cubes feels like something that really happened haha. Overall very good!

Ok, thanks for the response!

Quick question about Simon in the demo. Is there some type of ending route with him here like with some other characters/actions once you get fat enough?