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very addictive

im so confused are they both boys or am i missing something

this is a nice game i like these kind of games 10 out of 10

....... no word

this is fun and very addictive i enjoy it 10 out of 10

this is a fun game its solid but fun

but for some reason when i right clicked on a object it did not reset same with the left mouse button tell me if i am missing something

this is a nice game kinda short but fun i like the plot and i give this a 10 out of 10

this game is fun its solid

this game looks great but i dont speak russian so i cant play 

what the heck did i just play....... 10 out of 10

nice game when i heard euclid i thought it was a scp game but its nice

this game looks great i love the pixel art but only thing is that its all spanish 

its literally just a calculator you have a calculator already on your pc but this is actually pretty good it looks decent

this is a great chill music game with a hot witch 10 out of 10

this is trash the game play time is like 5 seconds all i did was press the blue button and it said this game has a virus the end this is horrible this is a 1 out of 10