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Neat game! Did you get the idea from ROM CHECK FAIL? Or is this just an incredible coincidence?

Either way, it's nice to see another game with speedly changing rules, this is an itch that many games scratch, and it would be cool to see this idea develped further. ^_^

Edit: Oh, and congratulations for getting selected by Mark!

Yeah, those inner walls in the monitor are really confusing. ^^; It's cool that the game lets players figure most stuff out without the need to spell everything out, but I feel that those inner walls in the monitors are one of the few elements that make things needlessly obtuse. 

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So... Did you already pick up the lantern battery?

In the very beginning of the game you might need to get the generator key and turn on the generator behind each building (and hit the light switches in wach room) in order to see well.

After a while, you pick up a battery that allows you to iluminate the area in front of you at the click of a button. (B on the XBox controller, I don't know which button it is on keyboard and mouse. I think you need to open the item menu and use the battery before the lantern becomes available, tough.) 

If you don't do that, then yeah, some areas will be pretty dark. ^^;