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It is missing the .exe file in both 1 and 2

LOOOOOOOOVED IT. My gosh I'm using this as a challenge between my friends :D

Oh I think the answer is in the other post :D

Are you flipping serious???? oh my gosh how???

Ok I saw you were rating everyone and i mustard the courage and I played anyway, was nice :D, really good work

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That was neat, too bad it was so laggy on my pc barely could play it, but they spawned in interesting places, overall I find it interesting :D

I would play it but I dont like scary games :D nonetheless it looks good in the screenshots

Cute art, liked it a lot, it really felt like playing a gameboy game :D

This game as a lot to strategize with, really really good concept, and the visual cues were spot on.
Great work :D

This is perhaps the most complete and like futurity  stated, has the best gradual incorporation of mechanics.

Well dones mates, really polished work you got here :)

MY FAV GAME, this is so much fun...oh the comedy....the comedy is sooo good and so strong in this one....I LOVE IT...all praise to the Pistol McShootInTheFace xD ahahhahah

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I can't see for how much I am selling. Really cool game by the way! :D

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Really liked it man, and thank you so much for the video I did managed to understand how it worked before but the fact that you did the video is really cool and very nice of you. Thank :D

Hope this helps:

How to install/play: 

Prior: Download and choose a location where to extract the folder, and extract it, keep the directory somewhere, to use later as you will need it for the remaining steps to play the game:

1.You have to have java jre 8 installed on your computer.

 2. Go into the folder libs an try to press the file called desktop-1.0.jar(it should run the game)

3. In case 2 does not work you have to open a terminal or command line depending on what operative system you are on.

3. write on the terminal:               cd "to whatever location the folder is\libs\"

4. write on the terminal:               java -jar desktop-1.0.jar

Really cool effect, and the whole key combo is very interesting :), for a jam really well played, deved I mean