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A very interesting idea, I love the background drawings

Interesting. I like the animation at the beginning and the music but the truth is that I can't last more than 10 seconds alive hahahaha The time that elapses between death and the return to the game is a bit long.

I just finished your game, I really liked it. Sometimes I felt that I was passing some level by luck more than by my skills but even so I have enjoyed it from beginning to end.

Congratulations! good game, but a bit frustrating, I spent 5 minutes figuring out how to pass the section of the first crow hahahahah

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I love the idea and how you have put it into a short game!

Congratulations for the game, the idea and the design are very interesting. Before reaching the third screen I pressed the feedback button and when I returned to the game I had the problem of dying instantly when reviving