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Joan Lamrack

A member registered Sep 04, 2022

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hey! is the version of the complete game any different than the one in steam? 

Very cute. I wish there's more gameplay element. I protecc,  and most I'm importantly I give it snacc.

oh no... now I want more! any plan to continue this?

I was confused on what to do after unlocking the computer. but then after rereading through everything again I think I get the full story. Ouch my heart :((((

thank you! Glad you like it!

What neat little game! I was struggling a bit with how the puzzle work, but I was hooked and engaged with the story that I could go on until the end! The story doesn't overstay its welcome.

Anyway, I am, in fact playing the endless mode as I'm writing this comment :)

I also made a little video about this game, looking forward to your next game!

Despite its short narrative, it is very effective. I was invested in the story! That moment of Josef's desperation came through, it's a chilling experience. Looking forward for a continuation of this story (and a full version too). 

I like the details you put into the starting menu. It's telling a story on itself about the automata :)

A little bonus: I made a video about this game (with few SFXs in).

It's very short and sweet experience! My heart tho...

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Hey there, First of all, liking the dark mode on this game! perfect for late night gaming session. The visuals are clean and the UI is pretty intuitive (I immediately picked up the flipping through books the first time, I love that we can "stack documents"). The way this game drive the story is awesome, there's not a lot of hand-holding, but rather you are let to your own demise to read through the lore. The process of uncovering these information felt pretty natural too. Oh man, and that ending give me chills!

Anyway, having finished the game, I would like to give few feed backs as well:

- The typing felt very tedious, not sure if that's intended to simulate the grueling paperwork. Maybe we could add copy and paste here?

- During the gameplay, the aspect that caught me the most  is how we are trying to do a social engineering with some of our contacts. It would be more interesting if some choice led to dire consequences.

A little bonus: I also created a gameplay video for this game :)

Hey! I like the game's story :)
Your art style is what I would describe as something came out of 80-90s comic (even the font too!)

Few feedbacks: 

- the UI for menu could be a little more obvious, it took me a while to find out that I can save and quit the game by going to the inventory , then click the window icon on the right.

- There was a sizing issue with the sprite when the MC is traversing inside the camp making the MC stood out among the background.

but overall i'm enjoying the game. anyway, I made a little gameplay video also. Looking forward for your next game!

I beat it after >5 tries, nice little game :)

great short-and-sweet game! I played it 4 times just to see all the option and endings :D