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cannot move

Replying to myself.  I just tried to save 7 Fractured to convert 6 Cyclic Cycles and it took all 7 Fractured Cycles and not leaving me with the 1 left over.  Here is a screenshot on imgur of before and after buying... not sure if it will automod a link: 


Cool game but something strange happened on my first Cyclic Shard.  I had 4 Fractured Cycles and wanted to save one more for the first shard.  After hitting the Fractured Cycle I then hit the Cyclic shard and it took all 5 Cycles!  I suppose it's possible that I hit Cyclic shard first, but I don't think so.  I'd rather not test it with a new game, but will attempt the same with the next shard, 6 cycles, I'll save more.