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Truly a phenomenal project! I can't praise the writing and art enough, thank you for creating this. I can't wait to see the next update.

Thanks for the info! I had missed that the F3 menu let you query skills, that's very helpful. Now to see if I can kill that Roc in the Isen Dun fortress...

Greetings! Been enjoying SotW ever since I saw a fascinating post on r/roguelikes about it. I had a few questions that I'm hoping can be answered:

-I see that familiars have been added, which is great! Unfortunately, whenever I start as a wizard and use my starting wreath of flame spell... I immediately kill my familiar. Am I missing a way to keep my fuzzy friend alive?

-I've found fishing rods and such, but haven't figured out how to use them. Is the system implemented, or am I missing the proper method of application?

-I haven't found bowyer/fletcher stations yet, are they out there to be found?

-What's the difference between the generic "Crafting" skill, and the specific skills (e.g. Smithing)?

Thanks, and I'm looking forward to exploring further!