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Keep the option for next month to buy new version, but I don't have idea to get the victory in that scenario 

Juan Manuel Garretas from Madrid, Spain 

Hi Nicu

I am lost in Operation Brevity, Italian Campaign, I don't know what I have to do to get Victory in that battle, it doesn't appear any English Objetive to goal the victory, what do I have to do?

Hello there

I´m playing German´s classic campaign "Das Reich", I can get Brilliant Victory in first battle against Russian Red Army, "Smolensk-Crossing the Dnepr", but I can´t get the play advance to battle "Drive to Yelnya", I can't go on playing the game, please, is there any solution for get the play goes on?

Juan Manuel Garretas

Madrid, Spain

When your enemies can use battleship or cruiser besides ground troops the play can not run right and leave computer turn blocked, I try to saving each turn mine and for computer 

Windows system, sorry, forget say it

I could be able to end that battle going so slowly, saving step by step, also I noticed some similar at Narvik battle with German campaign, when ur enemies have alot units to fight, the computer stays hold, just says computer turn and never ends this turn

SOS, playing Malta battle the game crashed when f****ing Tommy used their f****ing Carrier Iluistrious, stays hold



Hello, I am trying to run Panzer Marshall 3.2.2 in my tablet in Android but I can't make it to run, I am losted trying to play it

Juan Manuel Garretas