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Hi Colin,

Thank you very much for trying out our game and thank you for your valuable critique. We have noted down the issues and will work on it to make the game more smooth and enjoyable for players.

About the spacing between the gears, I totally agree with you. We felt it too but we didn't had enough time to test it out. It is our fault.

We have seen death animation sometimes fail to play. It is a bug with the Dash and we will fix and update on the next build.

After reading your comment, we have started to think possible solutions for it like a cut-scene or showing a pathway of the gears ( for example, a simple dotted line).

I'm really appreciate for taking out your time to review our game. We want to make our game better and improve in any scope possible. We would love to hear more and would like to have a chat with you.
Our discord:
My Skype: sondeep.h

Please do get in touch. Thank you again.


I really like your concept. Good job!

Fun and addictive. Good job ✌