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ooooh well reagardless its still cool!

I created a post about your game in my Game Retrospect: noticed in your discription that you havent added the anger system! I am looking forward to figuring out how to make him happier! 

I got the shears but I'm not sure how to get different endings tho 

Very interesting! 

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Recorded the first episode for this game! It was very fun indeed. It took a while to understand what to do as I had help from the developer who explained things that i missed. (Thanks Cairn4) I also plan on recording for the newest update as well as the Pirate mod i saw created for this game! The makes the game much easier to track as well as keep up with tasks without forgetting if you're injured or not. Props to Cairn for making such a great game! 

Upload two videos on this game so far! Couple years late but still fun indeed! Expect more soon! 


Honestly very fun! Some of the collision could be worked on since i get stuck in certain places but otherwise very fun! I hope there's a sequel!