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A member registered Jun 16, 2020

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really interested when Nik will get an updat

finally been waiting patiently for news on Carlos's route for eons

Yay my prayers have been answered! hallelujah!

any news on the next update?

Hey Hope we get an update to Parker Soon!

hey was wondering when we are going to get an update on Parker's route I'm really curious where it goes 

Good Luck Sad Lonely Man!

any news on when the next update will come out?

really excited for more Jun content i'm really loving his POV!

hey when can i expect the next update?

Hoping to learn more about Elliott love big daddies!

have you picked a date for release yet?

Hey Hope you update soon I've been sitting on my hands with nothing else to do!

Hoping for an update soon getting antsy!

hey wondering how long the waiting period is going to be for updates

do you have a relationship map you could show us?

any idea when day 7 for Parker is coming out?

hey hope for an update soon I'm in suspense!

any news on when Parker gets his next day?