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I discovered TODO: Today several months ago and I went into it with low expectations, because I'm  picky about games and rarely get invested in visual novels enough to stick around if they aren't  completed. But honestly, I have to say... I loved it. 

As someone who struggles with pretty bad social anxiety and depression, Teal is super relatable. I instantly felt a connection to them. The ability to choose your pronouns (including a "they/them" option!), romantic/sexual orientation and appearance is something I haven't seen in a lot of other games, and having that representation is wonderful. 

The art is 10/10. All the characters are so well designed and unique, the art style is clean, the colours are gorgeous... I'm in love ;v;

That cliffhanger ending legit made me cry a bit, and I can't wait to see how the story continues! 

All the time and effort you're putting into the game really shows! It's my new favourite. Thanks for giving us an update, and take all the time you need. Wishing you both the best of luck with university and your thesis!!