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Thanks for the feedback, I was thinking about making an indicator but in the end didn't quite decide on whether or not I should do it, but you are right, that should help with making the game more intuitive, ill put it in. :)

He aint wrong though, among my favourite entries so far, simple premise and good execution, had fun :)

Oh yeah, my bad, could have put that better, tried again and had much less trouble selecting items, feels good now.

Nope, I did not Wrap the WebGL build in the windows app, made two seperate unity builds.
Sorry about the sounds, wasnt sure how much sound would be a good amount, and ran out of time

Fun Game, like the soundtrack, only problem I had was that I had a hard time dragging things down from the menu because i kept clicking slightly above or below the item, slightly bigger boxes would be nice.

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I like the combat log and the leveling system, art fits together nicely, something I ran into was this though:
Because of the imps quick movement and rather low damage its possible to just have some run next to you and grind your defense stat really quickly, making you invincible after like 2 or 3 cycles.

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The wall jump roofs thing I was to referring to was that your jump seems to refresh on any collision with the world, allowing you to skip some parts of the game by just mashing jump as soon as you touch the ceiling, this lets your jumps refresh and you can stick to the ceiling indefinitely, with the help of the double jump mechanic

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Had a good time, I liked the Wholesome narrator :)
Accidentally closed the window and lost all my progress though, ill have to come back to this at some point. I am sure you know about this, but the wall jump is a bit exploitable with roofs.
Also, about Z and S not working, it worked fine in firefox on linux

Hey, thanks for the honest feedback,
I have seen a couple of people struggling with it now, I will try to get some sort of tutorial going next time, or update it on a post gamejam page.