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What do the 3 bars mean and do you get different outcomes when different bars are emptied?

I fell like the cigarette gets shorter as you smoke.

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There should be a mode here there are no entities or jumpscares and you can teleport to any liminal space you want and you can have early access to liminal spaces that are still being worked on.

Where meatballs?

Can you make a version of remake 2 with the original colors of the characters whose colors where changed? Please do not point out previous versions as the version of remake 2 i am requesting. I do not like that.

I already found out. Here's an idea for the full series. Add an explorer mode were you can teleport to different liminal spaces at your own will and basically f*** around in them.

I am having trouble with the bathrooms. Can I have a hint?

Can you add an explorer mode where you explore levels 0-3 by teleporting there and you don't have to worry about hunger thirst or creatures?

pls fix it.

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There is a weird glitch where most of the doors can't be closed once they are opened.

Pls make it so that you can do a long arrow (the ones where you have to hold the key down instead of simply pressing it.

That is not important. I just want you to type a walkthrough from this game so that I can beat it from start to finish.

can you add a walkthrough in the form of text instead of a video in the bit jail article?

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can you at least make a wiki on how to beat the game?

But I can't beat the game :(

Can you make a sandbox mode where:

- you can't die

-the owner never comes

-you do not need keys to open doors

-there is no objective

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Can you add an explorer mode where you go through any door you want (but by that I don't mean you can rearrange the doors) and you can leave at any time?


It didn't work

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Can you add a practice mode where there are no monsters?

this is feedback

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Update: After some thought I decided to rename the level with wood floors as a fanmade oddball level known as "the intermission" which will acively try to convince you to try levels 0 or 1 again before going to level 2.

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Using this theory i have a proposal for an update:

-I have counted 14 cassete tapes

-So I propose that in the next update, 2 of the tapes will always be in level 0

-4 of them will always be found in level 1

-5 of them will always be found in the intermission

-another 2 will always befound in level 2

-and the last one will always be found in level 3

With this feature, another feature will be added to go with the first feature. The second feature will stop you from going to the next level without finding the cassete tapes for the current level. For example, you will not be able to go to level 1 without having all of the cassete tapes from level 0.

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Hello. I feel like this is divided into levels 0-3 and a fanmade level known as the intermission.

If there is carpet you are in level 0.

If there is tiled floor, you are in level 1.

If there is a wooden floor in every neighbouring room, you are in the intermission.

If there are tiny halls with pipes, you are in level 2.

If there are brick or tiled walls, you are in level 3.

Is this correct?


OK then make a practice mode where are exits but no friends or time limits

can you make it so that you can escape the backrooms in free mode?

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Can you also make it so that in practice mode the creatures only appear if you have repellant?

Hello. It is I, the most pathetic SCP enthusiast, and I have a proposal. the main game will have 2 modes. Baby mode and manly mode.

Manly mode is the same thing as the current version of the game.

In baby mode, there are no monsters but everything else is the same.

Thank you for reading and I hope you put this in consideration.

P.S. I'm worried about not being able to download it.

I died from thirst... in level 4.

there is a bug where you can't return to the menu in level 4.

Thanks. Let me know when it is finished.

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Can you please add an easy mode where there are no creatures no matter what level you are on but hunger and thirst are still important?

Cool game but can you please add a super bouncy sphere and super bouncy cube?


Is there another outcome?