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Sorry for the typo in the topic name. I do not know how to fix it. :(

After expedition 3 started the game spawned me on the 4th floor instead of the beginning. Can you please fix this?

the player doesnt work.  i cant play the game. it doesnt load.

How come the pool level's exit almost never appears

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As a person, I regret to inform you that I am highly offended by the fact that you used both ale and ali.

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When I open the file I get a completely different game than the one I wanted. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!

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I was thinking you could add a chill mode there things only happen when you make them instead of things happening automatically. It would allow people to decide the fate of the countries. I feel like a bot deciding all that for me most of the time is depressing for me.

How come I can pick up the reception key?

Can anyone explain the reception key and why I can pick it up?

Can you add an explore made when you can freely explore without worrying about dying in-game?

PC (not laptop)

What is this game about? (Don't be vague.)

Backrooms community · Created a new topic HELP!!! (URGENT)


I can't access it.

I want to be able to play this online.

why did people decide to ignore this? :(

Please add a sandbox mode with:

- A menu to teleport to any level

- No entities or jumpscares

- Fanmmade level generator

- No sanity, health, or hunger bar

The purpose of sandbox mode is to provide something to those who do not like the challenges this game provides but instead prefer it if there was a version that they would be comfortable with. I am one of those people so please add sandbox mode. The normal mode(s) should still exist along with the sandbox mode so that that the game can appeal to those who like challenges and those who do not like challenges.

try again i guess

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On floor 56 (150m), blood can be found dripping from the ceiling. This blood can actually drip onto the camera with effects. Why this is necessary is unknown.

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Can you make a downrooms version with sublevels 0-35? (go to to get the photos to base the game off of)

The photos go like this (left to right, top to bottom)

0 1 2

3 4 5

6 7 8

9 10 11

12 13 14

15 16 17

18 19 20

21 22 23

24 25 26

27 28 29

30 31 32

33 34 35

What piece should I put on 7f? 7F is on a CD but I can't tell what piece I should put on 7F.

I can't find the .exe file to start the demo. :(

This should have:

-levels 0-5 (the only levels of the backrooms I saw was level 0 and the frontrooms)

-The Frontrooms (specifically, the building that you spawn in when you start playing.

-level -1

-level fun =)

-the hub

-no entities

Great game. Now you gotta make one about level -33.

Please tell creator that i gave him feed back.

SCP-999 bouncing up and down 5 times and then hugging the camera

I am giving you feedback. Please continue project.

i did. Please keep the forest paths that way. Proposal:when you brak the ice for the last time, you get sent to the end (the library).

Nah it is good. Keep the levels linear and keep it so that in that part if you choose the wrong path the screen gets darker and if you keep going you have to start the game all over again.