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Awesome! Hopefully I'll manage to finish something in time (decided to go 2 days ago but as usual I have too ambitious game-ideas 🤣 )

Proper-HW game is doing it in hard-mode 😂 , I've done both with a proper rom (with sdcc  and my own crt0,etc) and a JS variant for another compo where I was kinda short on time. 

I've participated in GBJam a couple of times and this time around i thought about making a game for real-hw again, any issues about submitting entries that were submitted there also? (That compo started last weekend and ends this weekend..  well within the timespan of this compo )

Thank you! Was stressed at the initial submission so writing save was an error and the functionality is just a pause button (same as touching start onscreen or pressing start on a gamepad). I was considering adding some scoring and end-of-game scenario but ran out of time (i did everything but the logo-screen and touch/gamepad/kbd controller support on Friday).

Nice idea and sweet music. Could be real fun but the camera is a bit "behind" instead of getting in the front so you easily run into enemies unless moving slowly.