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I agree! The talent and eye for the Cyberpunk is so dope!

This is sooo amazing.

keep trying. you'll get better

I'm not sure what you did because it works perfectly now! Originally, the gofile link would stop (not load anything) at a blank page. Thanks!

Dev, you need to fix your Ultimate Addition link. It isn't working.

CraftShopArts, this game is STILL on my Wishlist and STILL a hit. Tell me this is still in production.  

still pretty creepy.... MAKE MORE lol

Adding the legend was so dope and unexpected! Do a part two with another horror legend please lol

No problem! I'll be playing more for sure!

Ahh! I was waiting for that inevitable jumpscare at the end! XD I still very much enjoyed this atmospheric sleeper hit!

Check out a fellow content creator peeps!

Quick pros/cons to devs:


Love the short retro-styled gaming style


Get free legal assets for music. YT is cracking down on copyright claims so the majority of creators who have played this game previously may not know that they have a claim. If they're monetized --- they're now demonetized.

Besides that. I really enjoyed the game and WILL play part 2.

Cheap ending but amazing atmosphere. My dumbass didn't know it was me breathing all heavy towards the ending lmao!

Thank YOU for allowing me to play such a unique take on the holiday gaming!

I'll be playing more of your games. I love it --- keep up the amazing work!

Pretty fun game with it's usage of "Santa's ass cheeks clapping" lol

Thank you for stopping pass the youtube page! I look forward to Philip's return in other games lol

Very fun, odd and challenging. Here's a vid 


It was good, but I did have issues with lighting and seeing key things to engage with. HOWEVER! This was so creepy!

I cannot wait for the actual FUYLL game. This was scary and full of dread to make progression difficult for me lol Enjoy my video


To be completely honest, I enjoyed the game. It has that PT inspired swag, (for lack of better words lol), however I would have given the monster if not a horrifying face; a creepy sound to go along with it. The atmosphere was there leading to dread. Than once at the apex of the game --- it just feel short. I would have used a jumpscare. Yes, Jumpscares are cheap but they are also fun. Whatever the care this was still fun to play.

Saiko was so cute and crazy all at once! Saiko no Sutoka the game was just scary fun! Especially her stealth ability if your not careful! o_O Fun game BUT I didn't complete it. I played the first ver. to experience the difference in gameplay. I'll be REplaying this in the near future!

This story was so creepy maaaan. I look forward to see what comes next for the cage-face saga!

This was nostalgic amazingness lol (w cheap jump scares) This was still very much enjoyable!!

One of the scariest I've played in a while! I enjoyed this very much!

Started off good! Than got redundant.. 

This game had me freaking out! One point I even jumped from the fear of what that entity would do to me lol Awesome work, Lumino Via! This was my 1st Horror Visual Novel!

Artur, help us out brother.

I really enjoyed this game AND was too dumb to see the ending coming lol! Great job guys at Yarn Spinner. I'll check out another one of your games in the future!
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I absolutely loved it... Even though the ending threw me off lol

FUN Game! The ducks/Music had me going!