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All 4 movement directions would be appreciated thank you for your time

Wooden palisade, like a wall made out of wooden logs. Palisade is a palisade xd

So if i bought on itchio, then its bad luck?

Also, do you have rules for unity? For the grass

How did you manage to make palisade vertical and diagonal? There are only horizontal sprites.

Transition from one animation to another (eg. from attack to idle) is non-existent. Please fix that because it makes this sprite pointless.

im interested in the village pack on request. Could i see it? And is it finished or would i have to wait

Im interested in both, just really like your work and was interested if with these beautifull sets also comes any more characters than already included. I will collect them down the road once finished then, keep up the top tier work

do you have any character bundles up for sale?