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Well that kinda stinks hopefully you move on to other better games and also maybe some people will mod this to add all the junk u wanted to add

this is just a deadbolt ripoff

oh hell yes make this

add more content and put this game on steam

no ending where you can enter a cop shootout

found a glitch where if you find ur wallet and then go piss again you cant get the wallet back and thus cannot leave

well more resolution options would be nice ive played multiple games in 800 by 600 

so fun that i still played it even tho it ran like ass on my pc could you make more graphics options tho i wanna see this in all its glory either way good game

mans just wanted to poop das not fair

make a fuller game out of this maybe more events than just tentacles and maybe more tasks and shit i dunno

the only money i have rn is steam dollars plus achivements could happen maybe even more content can be added i dunno skys the limit 

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if this does well enough will you add to steam

Pretty good but in retro mode theres no karaoke and in 2 player mode theres no running

why is it edsf instead of wasd and why is there no option to change it

the icons said windows for one and apple for another im probably dumb tho also fun game

thats kinda dumb will there be apple support for the game and windows support for the os

can you not patch the bug where if you jump and hit the wall at the right way your player bounces around like a windows screensaver i like that bug

will there ever be a downloadable version

this game is good but you know what would be evil having a secret if you actually give the guy 1000 fish its a little glitched sometimes you give him a fish and it dosent count maybe a secret ending for doing the stuff correctly like beating the darksouls mode without throwing hearts at him cause when youre almost done with the guy he regens and i dunno what to do in gta mode but hey alternate ending unless you were already gonna do that in that case why did i type this

cool also good game

is there a download option for this

i personally think you shouldnt i mean its a great game but i think 8 levels is perfect

Are the secret levels only in the preorder cause i wanna play it but i dont have the money to preorder