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Will it be possible to get Priya and Jamila pregnant? I really want to be able to get both of them pregnant, especially Priya first. Furthermore, are we getting close to having content with Alisson?

thank you 

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Where can I find the game in an Android version to play?

There is some content that I would like to see in the game, like the protagonist being able to transform into a futanari and this being related to a half succubus transformation because of lust. I would like to maybe have some pregnancy content, but I don't have much hope for this one like the first one I mentioned. There could be more customization options for the main character, such as: being able to apply lipstick, coloring her nails, changing her hair color and having different hairstyles, having more clothing and sex toy options and being able to get tattoos and piercings. Do you think this would be possible Two Succubi?

Two Succubi do you have a discord server? If you have, please give me the link.

Please tell me you're going to make a sequel to this story, please.


He said in the game that it would probably take a while because he wanted to make the upcoming scenes very detailed.

In addition to reformulating everything, do you intend to continue the story where the classic version left off Snats?

I liked this idea of the time of choice where you will introduce new girls and some younger ones, can you bring them, when do you think this work of art would come out Killer7?

❤️❤️❤️I hope soo. Love your work, thank you very much ❤️❤️❤️

But since I get all of this in the first or second act of the game, before the Huntress, I got this once, but I forgot how to do it.

I found it strange that when I accept the job of secretary and cleaning the dean's house the content ends up there and the other time I did this same step by step the content ended up in the bdsm club, everything is fine then, it will continue in the version 8.0?

Strange, I did basically the same path I've done before, activate futa content, meet the guy at the bar, have fun with Averi, say I'm dating Cody and we did everything, visit Cody, accept the secretary job, accept cleaning the dean's house, seducing him and with that he moved on to the BDSM club, but he didn't go and he said that the content is in progress, what did I do wrong?

When will version 7.0 and 8.0 be available for free for Android and other platforms?

I wish there wasn't this issue of sanity when using powers, after all he says there is no wrong way to play

I can't tell you how much I like you for that. I'm loving this game.

Does this mean we will have to wait longer between updates when they become public after a while?

When will the next update be, do you have an estimate? And what is your target for how long one update will take after another? Like how long will it take from one to the other?

i hope to they stay naked

Thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Bright Past community · Created a new topic New plataforms

Will there be a mobile version (Android mainly)? Please bring it.  
  Speaking of Barbara, does anyone know how I can drink coffee in my underwear? And besides, do you know what time I should deliver the wine to Val?


When will the first part of this new content that you are improving to bring us arrive, bringing new characters and continuation of the stories?

I didn't find the Android version;-;

I'm sorry to ask this, but can't the Android version be downloaded in a type other than Mega?

To be able to play everything correctly, does the person have to download all the parts or can they just download the most recent one?


D red or D blonde

Mr. FarmGuy will you return with the Android version? Please say yes.

When version 1.85 comes out for Android, will it be free?

When version 1.85 comes out for Android, will it be free?

Guys, how can I get all the things like: Traps, torture room, etc.?

How often do you release a new update MoonBoxGames?  

I had the game on my other cell phone, but since I changed it I no longer have it;-;

Add pregnancy please

Now can you only play by paying?

Why was the game cancelled?

You are the MAN, I love your work. The only problem I've had so far is that it seems that instead of asking to update and keep the game save, when I download the new update it creates a new file, so to free up space I need to delete what I already had.