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Very good ideas and good execution, but more automation is need, I would suggest another currency gained when ascending cards that is used to buy things like:

Card multiplier persists

Animations speed persists

Auto deal persists

Auto card draw

Suit multiplier persists

7:39, second try might come back to this a differnt time :)

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is this the quickest completion? (2.6 hr)(Second time beating it) 

The Game Dev Tree v1.0.4

Congratulations! You have completed your magnum opus and beaten the game!

It took you 2h 40m 14.16s to beat the game.

99 Colors community · Created a new topic LVL 1000

My life is complete, lvl 1000  thx for the amazing game!!

99 Colors community · Created a new topic AMAZING GAME

I've been playing this game for multiple days now, it's really great, the only thing that I have to say I wish there was a setting to make the drones invisible, or low opacity, because when you upgrade them a lot they get very large, but other than that, amazing!!