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This game is amazing!! The art really great and I loved Eris. This game was so much fun I wish there was more 

I just finished playing Kay & Clive's route and it was amazing! I love the fact you made the Female Lead with darker skin, its so rare to see a lead that looks like me. Before the game was released I played the demo a couple of times, I was so excited to finally see the rest of Kay’s route and I was so shocked with the twist. This game was really like none other I’ve played before. I even cried a little bit during Kay’s route. Clive was such a sweetheart too. I really appreciate you making him fidgety because I'm the same way. I can’t wait until book 2 thanks for the great game 

This game was sooo cute! I'm gonna miss these characters 

This game was so much fun!! I loved the memes lol. 

This game is so cute i love it, when will episode 2 come out?

I walked into the cafe and all I saw was Hajime and Byakuya xD