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A short, yet sweet game. I love the character designs, and the mini-puzzles using RPG-like mechanics! Overall, a solid and beautiful game!

This looks great! All the Geometry Dash References here are well-made, too! Great work!

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I love this game! Super wholesome, with the characters being very relatable and charming in such a short period of time. My only concern was the fact we never got to see the Character "Caleb" in the story, but perhaps he was not essential to the plot of the game itself, so I understand his lack of appearance. A short, but oh, so sweet game. The character arts were spot-on, and the kiss scene was quite cute as well! 10/10 for a short visual novel, definitely would recommend.

Awww! A short, yet sweet game. Great Job!

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Great game! I loved each of the characters and the story line, and the puzzles I had to go through in order to complete all 4 dates (And the secret 5th one too, that'sa nice touch)! Nice inclusiveness of the nonbinary(?)/They/them protagonist.  5/5 stars, 10/10 would recommend.

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I know, apparently first dates/second dates appear at the same time...Some occasions, they lead to a Game Over (Yanmei/Wizardess + President/Bear in Cafe = Game Over), but sometimes they don't (President/Bear + Polites/Warrior Boy in Pool (But Polites has to be *AHEM* bare) = No Game Over). It's a bit weird, but once you figure out how to complete all the routes, there's a true ending!

Awww! A short, but sweet visual novel. Great job!

Very cute, I quite enjoyed it!

What a story, full with memories...Nice one!

Just completed it, Thanks for the Web Port! Amazing game, I f I do say so myself!

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"This is America! Everyone has a gun!"

I'm already loving it

(Oh yeah they said "I love you" before knowing what it actually meant  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )