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Very fun game, however it is very laggy and doesn't have options to change graphics besides a check mark that says "i have a weak pc" which isn't helpful at all.

It's literally not, there is a setting that you just toggle, at least there was on mine, which was pretty old

You can get linux on a chromebook

Incredibly Laggy, and doesn't have any graphics settings

This game is crazy fun, kinda dumb how you gotta look at a text file to figure out the controls though

Doesn't run all that well, and lacks options to lower the graphics

Way too much motion blur, there is no way to change the settings once you're actually in the game (that I know of), runs terribly (13 fps at lowest settings on a low-mid end laptop), UI is generic, no setting for sensitivity, all of the settings except shadow quality don't seem to do anything, good audio and graphics though.

What font did you use for these? Also I definitely want Switch buttons.

If only Xinput is supported, then don't mark the game as "gamepad (any)"

its not my fault if a game doesnt have graphics settings

Unplayable because of lag

you can use an Xbox One controller but cant play it on Xbox One