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Rosaita W number one!

Thank you KiwiQAQ! I believe you will become a master at this ;)

Such a great game! Looking forward to your next build!

Thank you so much Jupiter_Hadley! Amazing video we really love it!

Hi Gloom Doom thank you for this feedback. We think the lack of the sound in 1997 version is a bug but we haven't found a perfect solution for that. As for the slow loading in the 2016 version, well I'd say that's a performance issue because we use a lot animations and sound effect, but I have no idea how to optimize a powerpoint game... Sorry for the inconvenience but still, thanks again for giving it a try!

Thank you for your support!

It is a known issue that the texts sometimes overlap, some playtesters run into that as well. We haven't found a perfect solution for that problem so sorry for the  inconvenience. But still, thank you for this lovely feedback!

Thank you so much for giving it a try!

Thank you! I'm glad you like it!


Hi sararosieposie thank you for playing this little game. I didn't test this game on mac fully so there might be some bugs sorry for that. You could watch the walkthrough video from Cryptic Hybrid in this comment page, follow his step and maybe you could get through this game without problems.

Hi SkyCharger, thank you for playing this game and leaving a comment. I'm not sure where the bug is because I didn't trigger it when I was testing, it would be better if you give me a video. I've uploaded a complete walkthrough video on Youtube, maybe you could avoid that problem by following my path in the video.


Heyyyyyy kiwisweet I just uploaded a new mac version of this game. My friend finally ended her exams so the game was exported today. Hopefully you won't run into that bug again in the update. Enjoy!

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Thank you GameGabe. The puzzles are designed to be something weird and challenging, but my design skill till need improvement. Hope my next game can get better! 

As for the last level, well actually there is a weapon which can decrease 50% of the demon's health value, but you need to find a hidden place in The Dark Cave to get it. And there is also a cheat mod in the last part, where the Detective won't get hurt therefore won't get killed at all. These are the secrets in this game. You can play this game again to find them if you like, or you can check the player's guide which will be uploaded today. 

Hey RushBee thank you for playing this game! A player's guide is comming soon but before that good luck finding those achievements LOL. 

I personally don't have a mac so I'm gonna fix this problem on my friend's computer. Might take a while... But I'll let you know if I update a new version. Meanwhile, you could start this game again to see if it works this time. It may be some kind of delay of writing the savefile that cause this problem.

Hey flxp I watched your video and I enjoyed it a lot! Thank you so much for playing this game! You do know there're many achievements you haven't unlocked right? Wanna try to hunt them all down?

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Hey gamernhamnhi, what version did you download? I've downloaded the Windows version and it runs as fine. I'm using Windows 8.1.

Edit: I've asked my friend who has a  MacOS to download the Mac version from this page, she said everything was fine on her computer. So I suggest you upload an image here, I'll take a look and hopefully I can find the solution.

Wait... No Sound? I've downloaded the Windows version from this page to verify, but everything seems the fine in my computer. The operating system of my computer is Windows 8.1 so I'm not sure what's really wrong. I'm so sorry that this game couldn't run well on your computer.

Home level should be unlocked whenever you play this game and the next level button should function well, but I've only tested it with Windows 7 & 8 platform, and I'm not sure about the Mac version... So maybe you could download this game again and see if it works this time. 

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Thank you for playing the game, Neco The Sergal! Sorry about the unexpected difficulty. In the alpha test, about half of the players said this game was difficult while others thought the opposite. So maybe it's better to say this game is kinda difficult for some players?

But anyway it's amazing that you're going to get full achievements! Good job!

Well, I assume it's a bug. I think it was triggered because you pressed the keys on the keyboard too fast, so the state related to the puzzle hasn't changed to the correct one. I will upload a new version of this game if I find any solution to fix that. But right now I have no idea, I'll add a warning instead.

Thank you for playing this game, Coconut Mousse! And if you want some hints for any achievement I'm happy to help !😏

Believe it or not, The Last Door IS exactly what inspires me to create something with pixel-art style. I played The Last Door Season 1 & 2 this year and I really loved their storyline. And I'm also a big fan of H.P. Lovecraft!!!  

I watched your video, and I can tell you that there're at least 4 secrets remain uncovered. But I won't spoil them to you unless you allow me to. So good luck hunting them!

Thank you so much for playing it, Aaron! I know how hard it could be to pronounce a Chinese name for non-native speakers so you actually did a good work when speaking my name. Oh BTW, I'm a girl LOL. 😄😄😄

Thank you so much for playing this game GamingWithBlis!!! Can't wait to see your video!!!

Hey my deer friend, it is actually a puzzle. Yes it is the first puzzle in this game! I give you a hint: what would you do when your mouse is enabled?

Heyyyyyyy guys, I noticed that I received a payment today!!! OMG I never thought about this. Thank you so much for your support!!! I literally cried for a while. 😭

Thank you so much for playing! I have a big plan for this game, and I'll continue to create additional chapters little by little. There're a lot of new ideas that jump out in my mind every day, so I'm working on other games as well. The update may be slow, but I'll let you know if I make one. 😃

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OMG, you are the first one that leaves a comment, thank you so much for your feedback! As for the crash in the video, I did notice it yesterday and I uploaded a new version. You can download it, there shouldn't exist the same problem anymore. If you find other potential bugs, just message to me and I will try to fix them!

Again, I am so happy that you played my little game. It really means everything to me!