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A member registered Nov 16, 2020

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I have the problem when I install the game on my phone and trys to play it, it always crashed and It's crashed when I enter the game for just 30 sec. Is there any solution to this? 

It's not impossible it's just depends on your skill and luck, it's kinda easy (for me) to win it.

maybe you just have bad skill and luck, If you can't have a good start, go and try to start a new game.

Good idea on the battle comments, but points are for buying skins or background, you can earn 100 points in 2 games alr, there's no point of giving 100 points.

The buttons purpose is tell you to install on Android and I think there isn't any "not working" buttons there.

I don't know about chrome but safari works perfectly for me, maybe that's your computer's problem.

but...need to pay, right?

For downloads only?

The coin is not showing,Is it a bug?

Very very cute game, and very tricky as well!

Very nice game!!

Pretty sweet