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Ok, so we went to OGW pre-release and I pulled a Wasteland! Jet went 3-0, so it was a very big success. Got up this morning and finished off the in game editor (set showDebug = true; when you compile to turn it on). Jet got the level designed. Edited level are placed in your personal directory since I can't write to internal files (users/yournamehere/levels/level_1.txt in Windows). The format is trivial so you can add as many levels as you want. We have 5 for starters.

Things that still might go in tomorrow but probably won't because we're pretty tired from not getting home until 4:30 am last night:

  • Ship Animation to provide visual feedback on why you are spinning and why you are spinning at your RPM.
  • More Levels. This would really require a way to gain lives.
  • Viewport border with rotation. Visual feedback for the viewport.
  • Asteroid starting angle/location. They all start in the same place right now.
  • Working screen rotation on Android. Currently locked to landscape because rotation messes up the system.
  • Varying better asteroid graphics. What is there is actually the original placeholder.
  • Tween RPMs. It turns out you don't need them for basic levels, but advanced levels could use this effect.

In any case, what exists is pretty close to the original idea so overall success. I'll add a post mortem next week if I get the chance.

Created a jar, created a project page and put in the test submission for the jam! So we will be able to post something when we are done. 2 Days left and I still haven't delivered a level editor to my designer ack! Good think he can't fire me. So, level editor, graphics, flow and pages are left. Google play high score is out for now along with power ups.

Err, what do you mean 2 days 20 hours? ACK! For some reason I thought I had all of Sunday! And we have Oath of the Gatewatch prerelease on Friday night so that's out. Guess Saturday will be JamDay. I also better take a look at what constitutes a submission tomorrow while I'm at work.

This was my first real time using Android Studio. It's fine. I still don't have the shortcut keys down, but nowadays an IDE is an IDE.

As of right now we have some graphics in, controls for rotations, scene transitions (based on Alistair Rutherford's NetThreads). I still need an event editor with tweening the rotation values, the intro level with its animation. Then I'll implement the screen flow and some branding.

Ship, bullet and asteroid Box2D entries in place, some real object templates in place, ship and screen rotations synced.

Next Up: some control for rotation testing on phones and then a level editor.

Finally something to look at! Box2D is up and running. I have two cameras, one for the game and one for the overlay. both scale correctly so that any screen size gets a large circle in the center. Currently 200m across. The ground, ball and bullet are just tests for the interactions that I'll need. Currently the source code is one big class.

Next up: basic gameplay, deploy to phones and then an editor so my designer can make levels and come up with ideas for any power ups and controls. Also, actual gameplay will help determine the scale of objects that work on a phone, which leads to the assets.

I reviewed pixel perfect collisions on the video card and while that would be great to learn, it doesn't fit what my designer wants to do for distribution. I'm concerned about the gpu performance on phones, so I'm going to try out Box2D instead. I won't get pixel perfect collisions, but the game design and image resources will have to compensate. While I'll only be using a small subset of Box2D, part of my reasons for doing jams is to poke on libraries and techniques that I don't normally get to use.

Next up: a test harness for Box2D spinning shapes and collisions along with a spinning camera.

GitHub created. Next up: poking on either sprites and rotations or testing bullet for collisions in 3D.

We have a name and a basic idea! We are me and my son, Jet (Dragonjet Games). He designs and I implement.

The goal for today is get Android Studio up and running with the default empty libGDX project showing the logo (following this tutorial). The final deployment will be iOS & Android, but I'll be doing the standard libGDX strategy of easy development on desktop with RoboVM for iOS deployment.

The secondary goal for today is to setup an GitHub project stub.

The main programming issues will be sprite rotation and collisions. Getting those right will probably be the key to making this game fun.