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I'm looking forward to what you add going forward.!

For Stress, if you're familiar with the module, it was 1d6-1d8 inflicted after a resolve save for each new encounter with the Meteor-mad colonists. ~1-3 checks per room depending on their interactions. Severity depended on how "unnatural" the NPCs were. Direct interactions with the module's "bad thing" were 1d10. Overall it felt like there were quite a few lucky rolls with passed saves and low stress damage. 

On another note, I was wondering how you rule firearm combat inside spacecraft. We did have a shootout inside of a lander module as part of the finale. With no to-hit rolls in most MotO games, I just wasn't sure on how to incorporate thar additional risk of collateral damage without it feeling forced or excessive. 

I finally had a chance to run Meteor as a one shot. We ran through Moonbase Blues and everyone had a blast. I'll keep scenario specifics vague to avoid spoilers.

We had a Labcoat, Synth, and Wrench, all at mid to low stat ranges. At character creation, we got a bit unlucky as nobody rolled any Cybernetics aside from the 4 arms for our Synth. As such, we didn't have much interaction with augments and the fatigue subsystem. There were also a few rerolls on the random skill table as two players rolled nexialism.

Undefined skills were an interesting concept but it did seem like a get out of jail free card for some of the players. They had a few situations where they bypassed some complex problems by just cashing in a new skill. This also led to players avoiding the use of their background abilities. Defined skills are likely to have more use in a module and had less of a concrete cost than the resolve needed for abilities. That said, the subsystem helped with pacing,  and tied in well with the module's themes of amnesia, even if things were a bit anticlimactic at times. I feel that these may have been better served in a longer term game.

Stress was an odd one. It may have been my pacing, the players' use of undefined skills over background abilities, or my reliance in resolve saves for stress damage but we only had one instance of panic in our two 3-hour sessions. It was right at the very end of the scenario and led to a memorable finale as a player turned in his companion. How does stress flow from your experience? The system seemed to have much less buildup than our group's experience with games like Alien and MOSH. Just straight 0-100 but oh boy was that quite a trip. 

It may sound overly critical but we did have a ton of fun. Characters were up and running in no time and the tables gave a ton of useful flavor. We are looking forward to the expanded materials and will definitely be giving Meteor another go in the future.

Thanks for the info! I've had a lot of fun with this game and am looking forward to picking up a hardcopy.

Not sure if this is the place to ask, but is the hardcover perfect-bound or sewn? I'm debating between the HC and zine for table usability and being able to keep it flat when in use is a big plus.


I personally enjoyed the more contradictory or odd results as making them work is part of the fun. 

Those constraints you mentioned are one of the great things about this zine. Just enough detail to get some sparks going without the crunch. Just enough world built to have a unique setting while still giving room for players to make it their own.

Coco as a touchstone is unexpected but pretty great. I can definitely see it!

From a design standpoint, how interchangeable are Skulls intended to be? I like the idea of X + Y character types as tools but am hitting a block on reflavoring that particular component. For my draft I'm currently using Sleeve + Overhaul (A sort of permanent full-body system) but it just doesn't feel as intuitive or defined as Skulls. There's also quite a bit of overlap there with  grafts/cyberware that's been tough to reconcile. 

NEKROPOL community · Posted in Q&A

Nekropol has been my favorite sourcebook of the year so far. Tons of style and creativity! 

The first thing I thought when I read through the generators was making a variant in the vein of Eclipse Phase and Altered Carbon. I was just wondering how you find inspiration for all those tables and items while still making them flow. Also, if I were to ever publicly release a sci-fi variant, what sort of permissions/credit would I need to add?

Finally, is there any way to support your work? I feel guilty just being able to download this for free.

Thanks and keep up the awesome job!

Messing around with it a bit more, it seems like blanks created for the rhombic d6 don't seem to account for the edge angle.

Aaaand here's the one-click blanks right after I went and meticulously made them from scratch haha! Awesome stuff. I noticed that the generated blanks seem to carry over custom symbols from their origin dice. It adds a bit of extra tweaking with some larger symbols but is otherwise not really an issue. Keep up the great work!

Just when I think I'm done modeling, you go and release another awesome update! I'll be taking a look later tonight!

A potential sequel series is awesome to hear! Always exciting to see your new projects.

I will check out the GKG store. Those hardcopies and probably the sturdiest physical zines I've ever seen - way nicer than the POD options. It's is good to know they're still available. 

Just wanted to say that, ever since the original crowdfunding, this has been one of my favorite systems for the genre! 

I was wondering if there has been any updates to fix a few of the typos present in the original release. Also, will the staple bound versions of the zine trio ever come back into print?

Thanks again! I've sent an email with two files to your listed gmail address. I ran into another odd issue as well - which I described in the email.

Nice fix with the custom inputs! I finally got around to trying them out today. 

I was re-loading a WIP set and noticed that some of the dice load up into this frankendie and the project becomes unusable. I had this to a lesser degree with some older sets but it seemed to fix itself if I let dicemaker sit on the main page for a bit before loading a project. That doesn't seem to be working anymore - even after a full reinstall. Is there any workaround to this or will I need to re-make the set with the latest version?

I also agree with Kaldii on both counts. Dice blanks would be nice and a Pwyw option would be even better!

Another awesome update! I was messing around with it on one of my older projects and noticed that some scaling sliders no longer seem to register the minus symbol when manually entered. For example, in Offset X "-2.0" adjusts to "2.0"

I was wondering if there are any plans for backwards compatibility with older dicemaker projects. It seems that I cannot open my 0.0.6 projects in the latest version.

Not the original poster but a big fan of this app. 

I have seen a lot of dice variants out there. The rhomboid d6 and diamond d12 seem to be pretty popular with many makers. Also, dice with clipped corners are common.

For new dice, there are d2s, d3s, and (my personal favorite) triangular d5s - though I believe the latter is a patented design. They're not too commonly used but are just fun to have around sometimes.

A bit late but I just got around to picking this up in print. I really enjoy the aesthetic of the layout but it can be difficult to read at times. There are a lot of examples of dark-colored text on black, glossy pages - in addition to some rather dense paragraphs in small font size. An accessibility version would definitely be appreciated.