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I'm a big fan of this one!

A very nice tribute to the early days of Atari games. I could see this one being a classic back in the day.

This is a cute and well-executed concept. I had a lot of fun with this one! Keep up the great work, friendo :)

I adore this kind of thing! The invincibility mechanic rocks because I get to go mental bouncing about. Top quality work. :)

This is a thoroughly great game with a cool premise! I especially enjoy the pick-up-and-play nature and its swanky retro graphics. Followed! <3

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This was incredibly charming. I love the 3D effect and my favourite part was the snow storm. Overall, excellent game! Thank you for making this.

Congratulations! May your game Dev journey be rewarding as it is long. Stay safe, Aeneas Nin. 

What a darling game. I'm very impressed! Is this your first project? Because if it is then that's even better 😊

I really like what you've done here, it's excellent! Also, I found a glitch. When you reach 3500 points, a whole bunch of stuff stacks on the right side of the screen. Thanks for making this <3

This is an excellent game! I love the controls and art style. Don't stop making games EVER. :)