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Hey Liz,

Regarding; 'if you drop an existing file and then end up writing something else that does almost exactly the same thing, '
What if you're doing the same or very similar but in a different way?
Would adding comments in these files explaining how and why they were replaced?

In some cases one might be able superficially integrate them into their replacement - just moving some of the the new code into the old files, would this be better?


Hi guys,

Wow, this topic is really helpful and I hate it.

Magnetic spaceship collecting little magnetic doodads was my leading idea; collecting not goal scoring so completely different there.
What's worse is I also planned to add remote multiplayer, procedural levels and ai as technical parts to show off- I guess that won't cut it here.

My now leading idea involves changing (upgrading?) flocking into more ai driven boids how this will be a game I know not, yet. However it occurs that this is also pretty derivative I might even have to try the whole imagination thing, very annoying.