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yo ollie!

this game was a trip, i had fun playing it, it was very unexpected, but good! >:D

YO GRAINWOOD GAMES! This game was fun and spooky, gave me some good scares, and definitely some good laughs, good stuff! >:D

YO GEMEZL! Yo this game had me SPOOKED, haven't felt what I felt while playing this game in a HOT minute, good stuff! I have a suggestion for the game at the end of my video if you want to check it out, otherwise, GOOD ASS GAME!!

YO SPRING RABBIT! Yo another banger I see! Can't wait for the next parts of this series!!! >:D

YO NIVEN HEDINGER! This game was a pretty spooky one, wished it was longer though, but still fire for what it is >:D

YO INSERTRAVE! This game was pretty good, was spooky and had its moments for sure! >:D

YOO SHIPSCAPTAIN! This game was pretty fire, makes me excited for what could be next, the twist bro... gave me some chills not gonna lie! >:O Good stuff! >:D

YO HENGIKKEN! This was a very fire concept of a game, and you did your thing! Gave me the creeps for sure! >:D

YO GUARDHOUSE! This series is looking really interesting, pilot was fire, can't wait to see what's next! >:D

YO NOXUSGAMESSTUDIO! Yet again, another fire entry by y'all! Can't wait for something with even more HEAT next! >:D

Oh snap! you betcha >:

YO DACE GAMES, Maaan act 2 was fire, I just want to see what happens next! >:D

YO DACE GAMES! This was pretty spooky, and nostalgic! I've played both parts, and can't wait for what you got next >:D

YO QWOOK! This game was very interesting, it gave me horror "Emily is Away" vibes for sure, pretty fire! >:D

YO  BLAKE MCKINNON! This game was spooky and fun, SANTA WAS GOING DUMMY NUTS!!! Good stuff! >:D

YO COLLARPILL! This game made me post up and want to throw hands, GOOD STUFF!

YO NOXUSGAMESSTUDIO! YO yet another banger! I messed with your other games in the past, and all of them haven't failed to instill FEAR into your boy, good stuff! >:D

YO SWEATYHAND! This game had quite the TWIST, scary and overall a fire game!!! >:D

YO GABRIEL! This game was scary, and hilarious too, fire game! >:D

YO VIDAS GAMES! This was a fire game about the Russian Sleep Experiment! Kind of makes me wonder what other creepypasta would be a fire game :O Nice stuff!

YO NIVEN! This game was INDEED a trip, great work!!! >:D

YO CHANPONMEN! This game was creepy and got me REAL GOOD too, and that twist?!?! Damn, fire! >:D

YO FERRYLIQUID! Maaan your first attempt? This was a FIRE first attempt my guy, I had a blast with the game, very interesting concept, sick scares, and had me on my ten toesies for sure >:D keep it up!

YO MONUMENTAL! This game was very interesting, and pretty dark, feeling like I'm playing something off the dark web :O pretty fire!!

YO SCARY CUBE! This game was something else, deep, spooky, and wild all together! Pretty fire! >:D

YO RISING WOLF GAMES! This was impressive my boy, really had me going with the scares, the atmosphere, it was wild!!! >:D

YO ITO! This game was creepy the first half, and cookoo bananas in the second half, a pretty lit experience >:D

YO CAPYBARAFORGE! This game was freakyyy, and wild, Mr. Lupin needs to chill!!!

YO MED! This game was actual heat, I had a lot of fun playing it. Probably one of my favorite VHS/PSX horror games I've played so far, fr!!! >:D

YO NOXUSGAMESSTUDIO! Man it's always y'alls games that get your heart PUMPIN, this was straight fire! Can't wait for future games, because I just know they're going to be menacing like the other ones >:D

YO AJB GAME STUDIO! I gotta say, this game me scream like I never did before, this was fire!!! Can't wait what the full game gonna look like if this was just a demo >:D

YO JEREMY! This episode was fire, a definite step up from the last one, and I can't imagine what's gonna happen next! :o 

YO JEREMY! This series has some fat potential, can't wait for the rest of this and your future projects to come out!!! >:D

YO RAINSLICES! This game was so creepy, It made me ready to throw hands, several times, good stuff! >:D

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YO SPRING RABBIT! Of course, yet another banger!!! This installed fear.mp3 in me for sure, and I didn't realize until after I played that this was a reimagining of my, I mean, Jimmy's Halloween, that made it more sickkk! >:D

YO STEAMVOY! This game got me GOOD bro, scares and atmosphere was immaculate!!! 

YO STUDIO DYD! This game was heat, the atmosphere throughout the game had me on edge, just wondering when I was gonna get crept on again, good stuff! I'm trynna see what happens next!!

YO MIK! This game was pretty fire, had me on edge, but OH MAN THIS COP IS SOMETHING ELSE!!

YO ALEX X! This game was very interesting, and spooky too!! The ambiance hit and I was pretty on edge!