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good game to many bad endings tho that u should just learn a skill from and keep going u could expand this game  

add cheats im trying to replay but the grind is boring

someone's gonna get fingered 

game freeze's after henric upgrades when he gets his new look. then u cant call him or battle the game just freeze. works fine with original henric tho. 

cool game good story i love your art its dark realistic looking hope you add more to this game or do other games.

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HAHA a virgin by the time logan gave it up my mc is gaping O

so when will we get max naked

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HA! Dwayne's a sub thats hot tho i knew it from the start of reading his story he comes off that way. cool seeing different sexual choices beside's only vers. The sex scene was wrote more realistic too. Now you only gotta add the option to ghost him  afterwards n it will be most gay sex lol 

you dont have air conditioners in the UK ? lol

the game dosent work for me it says gl version 4.6 please tell doctor stupid?

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dagio route after the guy knocks on the ask for sugar the game just keeps doing error broken in 11.2 . its not broken in 9.9 update tho just checked [code]

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While loading <'Image' u'bg/AstralWay.jpg'>:

  File "game/Dagioroute.rpy", line 1661, in script

IOError: Couldn't find file 'bg/AstralWay.jpg'.  i ignored it over 20 times game plays again. hugo route none of the halloween stuff works just error on anything i click on.

A. usually if the stories good with visual novels ill buy next months version on patreon. i do it with a few of them on and off.

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the world map is bad you lose areas repeatedly gain 0 gold build a gold mine and have to rebuild it after u lose the area is there a gold cheat to help? the story is good but i cant get to the new update cause of the world map. plus its not really fun i like the game just not enjoying the map i give up for now.

This is a cool visual novel and one person doing all the work good job your doing good story so far. thanks need more red sex tho. im gonna play them all tho i like the story.

I figured it out you have to allow all cookies on chrome for it to work but thanks for the idea to update chrome.

dosent seem to work on google chrome

even tho it is messed up their you should leave it. its where i seen the game to gave it a try liked it and found you and probably gonna grab it off pateron a few times.

Not much at all

lol ok they keep stealing my money but ill get there. thanks for the quick reply

Are there any cheats codes?

I like it i played it in chinese the first time didnt know there was english. now im gonna play it in english. i cant wait to buy it on steam =D

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whats a grand platinum snake? id say im a warm cuddly bear im going to have to send that bull out to the valley for calling me a snake lol i didnt explore the valley yet. are there other gods in the game besides 3 and do you plan on including more ? maybe venus or eros.

thanks :)

i download and extract the file but it dosent work it just give me a werid file and a image file is this game for windows

your game dosent work

It needs more dick lol i really like the story so far the poor minotaur. i like the details you are putting into it with customization and the choices actually matter to the story is cool. cant wait for more of the game

love the game just restarted again are there any cheats for it?

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This is a great vn lots of cute husbands lol hope you keep making more visual novels  =D  my favorite guy is zed! cute and vunerable now if only i could find a zed in real life lol =P  I also didnt see Nasir as a top at all just a big bitchy bottom lmao you wrote him good is his story redeemed him in his story. 

thank u ill reinstall :)

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anyone do daz event day 20 lol ? my game freezes on day 20 if you go to the police after 1pm 

i found it the next day at the supermarket by the bakery thank you

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something about a videotape by the casino then the next night it says leon quest and hes at the police but dosent say anything different

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day 5 leon event hes at the police dept but says the same thing he always dose and everything is close in town ive been everywhere. hopefully someone make a walkthrough for the game lol

it's the day when you get the choice to ask him to sleep in bed with you or kick him. so maybe the 3rd day sorry i wasnt keeping track of the days.  and it only happens if you pick him at the gym. if you pick the others at the gym his image is there. when u get the choice to kick him or ask him to sleep in bed with you.

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i have errors for you.  when you wake up next to seth his image is gone. it says seth bed. it only happens if you pick him at the gym tho. i checked the others.  then 3 error pages the game keeps going if you hit ignore tho. 1st is after it says. after he starts game and then screen goes to splitscreen.  2nd is after its says. after he had a dual wild hand gun, so you could assume he had alot of armour. 3rd error page comes up on mr owens route.  after it says why are they so bad? i like your game hope you keep at it :) 

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that's cool i get it :)

maybe get rid of the white beard make it black or dark brown he looks like santa. not a insult just a idea the rest of him i like the belly is cool the glasses  

lol =D