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lovely game, though the cats in the grocery store seem to be able to get infinitely big xD

great job for your first game, i think it's great

I love the credits page, really original

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I am not crying, you are.

Amazing story, beautiful graphics. I have never played a game like this before and I am so glad I found it.


I havent heard about the manga before and i havent read it (yet), so i cant judge the story, but in my opinion, this game was really well executed. The art looks amazing and the overall atmosphere was exactly as i imagined it should be. One VERY minor thing: I found 2 gramatical errors - you might want to look out for these in the future, because things like that can sometimes completely break the players focus on the game (at least in my case...). But otherwise a very, very good job, I'll be looking forward to more games from you if you make any in the future :)

Really good for such a small game, well done! This was perfect for me, as I love pixel art, horror stories and overall creepiness and easy-ish puzzles xD I loved everything, although it would be nice to have at least a tiny tutorial to explain the controls. I want to make a game myself and this inspired me a lot. Thank you!

i have mixed feelings about this game. i dont mind it being short, and the story was pretty good. but it felt a little bit linear and i didnt know how long the food will last me, so i didnt eat much, which resulted in having no options is certain events. the art wasnt bad, but it looked pretty random and inconsistent (for example the interactable objects had very weird perspective). the enviroment also felt really empty without many other objects except for those with gameplay purposes, which made it a bit boring to look at after a while. but it was overall a good game, and you should be proud of it