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This is a very fun game. It's a shame that it's so short, it was over before I was ready for it to be over . I hope a bigger & better sequel is made, I would happily spend $10 on it.

I got this game through the bundle and it sure is a star in a sea of subpar mess.  The gameplay itself is fun, plenty of upgrades to do on your titans, I appreciate the graphic style and it's political commentary is a good talking point (It's also amusing seeing reviews from angry right wing nutjobs). There are some issues though. Firstly, it's the annoying movement controls. While I see what you were going for, it gets very annoying when you are walking and the titan randomly turns around and refuses to function properly afterwards. I've also noticed that the titan will randomly bend in on itself and won't return back to normal, making arm movements useless and increasing the difficulty of movement, or I will start losing health. Having an option to change to a more standard movement style would also be a welcomed addition. Another issue is that text can be difficult to see with the filter added. I like it's effect when playing, but it gives me eye strain trying to read text with it turned on.  I will continue to play, it's got plenty of high points and it's among the best that the bundle has to offer. A nice find that I may never have knew existed.