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battle of olympus clone?

you guys are doing a spectacular job!!!! its so fluid and polished with the controls. this looks super, about to check it out. but yeah its easy to see the inspiration in your work. and you guys are for sure nailing it. subject matter cool with me since ive ate two or three  a time or five. you guys are not very far away from something special. in my opinon.

how do i get the full game?  ive seen it on you tube. i need this game!!!! its soooo good

you still havent fixed the major issues with this game yet? this game has soo much potiential but its so lousy with the controls. and the pace of the game. the puzzles and the enviroment and all the different ways to go and secrete stuff to find are all stand outs. the graphics and game play need a boost. idk it seems like ya still have a long way to go. good luck. i have no idea how hard it is t program games. im sure its very difficult just like everything. i do apreciatethe efforts youve gone thru to give us this game. good luck finishing it, cheers mate

what happened to this game? there was a way better version i thought. now its rpg style? wtf?

this is a great idea. please continue to develop this. you have amazing potietial as a game designer. i cant belive no one has done this sooner. 7.5/10

this is an amazing triumph. please continue this. you have amazing potiential. your going to be one the great game makers. i can already tell. 8.5/10

this game is 100% crack!!!!!! its so freaking addicting. ill be watching this one. great job devs 8/10

this game is so freakin addicting. great job devs. i love the level up idea. actually i love just abbout everything about this game. a space themed hoard game. genuis! 8.75/10

nice one devs. definatly aa standard. more polish and i could see this taking down assasins  boring creed. 8.5/10

got any beta positions available. id love to watch the development of this game. or even test and give imput. i am positive this could be a platinum level game.. great job so far

this game is awesome!!!!!!!!!!! when is it gonna be done? great job dexs!!!!

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thiks game i awesome. i like how you have to look everywhere and read everything to figure out what you should be doing. tho that makes it very un intuitive, it made it feel like a whole new type of game. and the graphics omg. the artist killed it! i love how this game looks. controls are  good too. tho i think a lil polish would help this game greatly. the music is totally perfect. it fits this game perfect. i really think this game is gonna do amazing when yall finish it.  i think the demo was way too short. i hope  that is not any indication of the content of this game. because there should be a whole universe to discover, uncover, recover, and explore. cant wait to play the final product. i hope its not still very early in development. because i want to play more of this game.

this game is super fun! its still a bit buggy but i can see where ya guys are going with it. ill be watching you guys. i think yall have tremendous potiental. great job devs

yo devs! i can see that you guys are gonna produce something great. please keep making games. im telling your future right now. you guys are gonna be rich!!! THE OTHER GAME YALL MADE IS AMAZING. im seriously  wanting to invest in you guys. because i can tell your third game is gonna be something special. keep it up yall. youve got our attention. make the next game count. 

the intro vid was mad lols

this game is gonna be awesome. i can see the direction your going with this. keep it up. im eagerly awaiting this game.

its so smooth! the controls are so buttery. i hope you guys go far and make tons of metroidvanias! and i hope you guys get completely rich doing it. great job devs

its looking better than ever! keep killing it devs

looks promising. maybe put up a demo link.....  i like the  look but i think if ya wanna make some real money ya gonna need better graphics. good job devs

looks promising!!!! i like the direction your going.  i say bust out the ol enemy lexicon and get busy making a ton of enemys. if the enemys and their ai is awesome. then your game will be awesome. about to research ya. if this is your first game then i am impressed. and you are well on your way to being a successful game creator

game doesnt load or even extract. somthing is missing. i hope o see a video soon

i havent played this yet. but the video i saw seriously got me juiced to play this game. it looks amazing devs. i hope you guys continue adding to this title. i love all the attention yall put into doing stuff that no one has done yet. like the way the play area is expanded above and below the size of the that is shown. the way you play with the background and foreground  is great. i hope ya add the gradius style upgrade meter, i hope yall keep adding much more content to this title. ill be watching this game closely. i am also going to donate to your cause. you guys seem like your trying things that no one else has. i congratulate yall devs. thank you for you effort. please keep making games using the same recipe your using! i think you guys could be great, im gonna be researching yall and tellling eveyone about ya. great job devs

this game is amazing! you are awesome devs. i cant even comprehend how yall came up with this engine and the physics associated with it. super buggy, but unlike any other game ive played. the bugs seem to make this game all the more unique. thank you devs, keep at it. cant wait to experience the final version

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your art tho! omfg, you are going to be famous as fux! i promise. this art tho, please can i commission you to do more of this style for me personally, please. i am in love with the look of this. your art is..... i cant even... there is not a words that can express the got to have so much more of this in my life. this has to be made and put into a series and put in such a place where i can see it every day. like my house, or a museum....  oh wait ya did, its art in game form. your art  im addicted. ur art is the thing i fein  4, please may i have more

super simple, yet genius at the same time. seriously, great job devs. its all been done before. side scrolling shooter, but with dogs. lol . great imagination. then ya give em classes, like mage or etc. give em each one attack and a hand full or so of hits each. thrown in obsticals and hazards too. its brilliant! most devs would have settled with that and called it a win. but you then let me change the formations. thank you devs, youve gone above and beyond. an d appreciate that you knew when to stop and release it to the public. this is gold my friends. all while keeping it simple and pretty basic. it proves that simple solid ideas mashed together = gaming greatness. brqvo devs, you are on the radar, i guarantee success in your future, if you continue with this same formula

controller support? im not good with keyboard. does this game let ne use a gamepad? thnx

this game deserves a sequel or it should be refined and expanded. this has every bit as much potential as super metroid. is the source code available for ppl to hack this awesome piece of art. the rest of your games are pretty freakin cool too. 

love your work. can you let us use a game pad for this game. i suck at keyboard controls. i tried to play the game thru steam hoping it would let me use gamepad but no dice. thanks. keep up the great work!! got any thing else your working on?youve got crazy potential. 

what happenned to this game? is it still activly being developed? i love this game

this looks like old  fist of the north star but a lil better

thank you guys. i cant wait to fork over my dollars to own this game. this feels like the anticipation i had for dread.... i hope you guys manage to actually pull it off. metroid did not pull it off in my opinion. what kind of stuff have you added. it just hit me that thee needs to be some face paced levels where you ride on something. like maybe blasting bad blood cells as you fly around the patients blood stream. or oooo try this flying around as electrical energy in the nervous system. repairing broken patways to fix some of the patients problems. idk you guys are doing fine on ideas im sure. im just super juiced about this game. its realy got unlimited potential. because you can add expansions of different parts of the body or even missions to map genomes or more missions. wonderful job tho devs. i cant say enough good stuff so far

i loved this. except that every time i die i spawn right next to ricks crashed ship. also i tried to add this game to steam, in hopes of using xbox elite controller. no luck tho. game works otherwise amazing. love the pixel work! you killed it big with this one devs. can you make this ported to all consoles too? i want to watch a whole 2hr episode of more of your amazing art devs. thank you for the best thing since hollow knight. 

this is almost a great game. i hope yall continue this title. the graphics are amazing, music is good, controls i think needed a lil finessing. but yeah excellent job devs. can i beta this game please

yes. that would be cool. thanks

aww man. that sux that your expected release window is that far away. i look forward to seeing how this game shapes up. kudos to the art direction for this title. keep it up. this is gonna be a huge win fer ya guys. you guys are doing amazing work. cant wait to see all the upgrades yall dream up

yeah i played the demo. have you guys made a bunch of work to the game? i gave an extra 5 on top because i think the art is amazing. maybe you could give me a free link to the updated version. please, thanks

any idea on when release will be. ive got to play more of this game. i need to beta this or an alpha version. just inject more of thiis game in my life, asap. please. this game is one of those perfect games like hollow knight or super metroid. please how close are yall to release? im sick of waiting for silk song. this game would fill the hollow knight void perfectly. suggestion. finish soon, this game cant compete with silk song. so that going to mean crappy sales if ya relese after silk song. just saying

couldnt even get this game to play. plauged with bugs

this game could be really good. but.... its just not yet. i like part of the direction this game is taking. but some of it needs some real work. good luck devs. nice job so far