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Thank you so much for the email response too. I understand that it's a bit tricky coordinating this sort of thing in perpetuity with a 3rd party.

Hi Eryngi,

I bought 'The 2017 Fantastic Arcade Bundle' a while back for $15 which included Forget-Me-Not R version 2. But I noticed the version there hasn't been updated, and Forget-Me-Not R isn't in my games library.

Is it possible for me to get version 4 and future versions somehow?

Finally got a VR kit a ~week ago. Tried this out. I miss having a skull-face like you tweeted once, ages ago. Was that a bug? Is it an easter egg? I see I have a skull under my face, just like in real life!

(wish I could teleport, hard to reach some of those fridge goodies in standing space :P )

I love the visual style. The automatic locomotion + environment + tactics makes it very immersive. I like the submachine gun reload because that weapon is very overpowered. If you add magazine reloads to the pistol, I think it should be pretty easy and quick to do, maybe a bigger magazine in that case too.

BTW playing on Oculus + Touch, 2 sensor 360 degree standing room setup and it works very well.